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Casual Space

Apr 18, 2019

In this episode, Beth and Chad geek out about:

  • Impressions from the  Star Wars Celebration event in Chicago- what it IS and what it was like to be among the 70,00+ attendees
  • Chad shares an amazing story of how storm trooper fans in costume made it into a real Star Wars production 
  • Collectibles! Art! Costumes! Comics! Tattoos? AND What Star Wars tattoo Chad would get..
  • Presentations! Panel and breakout discussions! Chad shares highlights from the artists, producers, and creators who gave behind-the scenes perspectives! 
  • Find out who Beth selects when she goes out with her “girls” from the galaxy
  • STAR WARS EPISODE 9: The Rise of Skywalker PREVIEW! We weigh in on the FIRST time the trailer was ever released LIVE

Key Takeaways:

  • What’s the secret to a 40+ year success?  Star Wars is a timeless narrative for everyone. 
  • Everyone can relate to a Star Wars character. 
  • May the force be with you! 
"Everyone who sees Star Wars sees something of themselves within the story. Beth 



All things official Star Wars:
Star Wars YouTube channel:
Star Wars KIDS YouTube channel:
My favorite Star Wars podcast, “Collider Jedi Council” and on YouTube:


About Beth and Chad: Beth & Chad have seen every Star Wars movie in addition to several animated series and select comics. They never really lived, however, until they attended the Star Wars Celebration. If you were to visit Beth and Chad on December 20, 2019…don’t.  They will be in the theater. Watching Episode 9. Maybe the next day, too.