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Casual Space

May 2, 2019

Nick and Beth talk space specifics in this episode, including:

  • Nick’s fascinating job working on composite structures- inner stage and the fearing (nose cone) and payload attachment structures 
  • How quality control plays such a major part of the rocket creation process, and how much is hand made! 
  • Nick’s interpretations on the culture of SpaceX, and how new ideas are tested & encouraged

Key Takeaways:

  • SpaceX works to make us become a multi-planet species, so ideas, rockets and most things need to be big. 
  • The process of developing with engineers and technicians at SpaceX has allowed anyone with the experience to take the instructions & implement them... you don’t necessarily have to be the most accredited  
  • What’s next for SpaceX and Nick’s future?! 
“We want to make a giant rocket that will get us to Mars, and become a multi-planet species.”  SpaceX Engineer Nick Hansen


SHOW NOTES & Bonus Links! 

About SpaceX:
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SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket:
What’s inside the fearing of a SpaceX Rocket? THIS IS ONE OF BETH’s MOST FAVORITE VIDEOS.
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