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Casual Space

Mar 30, 2023

Artemis Generation Exploration. International Space Station Crewed Missions. SLS Test Crew Announcement. MARS Sample Return, Satellite Missions to obtain more of Earth’s Climate Data, Asteroid Detection and Protection, “Green” Aircraft, and a 7.1% increase in the NASA budget to accomplish it all.   Last week, NASA Administrator Bill Nelson presented the State of NASA address for 2023. Listen as Beth and Dean walk through the goals for 2023, NASA’s plans to explore the Moon and Mars, monitor and protect the planet, sustain U.S. leadership in aviation and aerospace innovation, drive economic growth and promote equity and diversity within the agency and across the nation, while inspiring the next generation of explorers for the benefit of humanity. There’s lots to learn in this episode, and it’s all fun with our retuning guest and resident space expert Dean Mikolajczyk.

Watch NASA’s State of the Agency Address with NASA Administrator Bill Nelson here: 

DO NOT MISS the opportunity to check out Lockheed Martin’s and NASA’s x-59 Supersonic “quiet” jet 


About Casual Space’s Resident Space Expert; Dean Mikolajczyk (and listen to one of Beth’s favorite episodes with Dean on episode #167 “James Webb Space Telescope with RSE Dean Mikolajczyk… Part 2”) 

  • BS Technical Photography

  • MS Astrophysics 

  • NASA MER Mars program

  • NASA Public Relations

  • Astronomy instructor & lecturer

Where to find Dean: