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Casual Space

Jan 30, 2020

Our nation’s space agency has experienced many incredible human feats (landing a human on the moon, walking in space, assembling an International Space Station, etc.)  as well as three very public manned missions that resulted in heroes’ lives lost. In this episode, Beth and Dean continue the second part of this...

Jan 23, 2020

Beth and Mat enjoyed sharing their Falcon Heavy Launch experience AND..

  • Why this launch was the MOST spectacular folks have ever seen
  • What Light Sail 2 is, and why it’s such a significant and inspiring citizen-science project, and what it could mean for the future for space travel
  • How Mat has ALWAYS been inspired by...

Jan 16, 2020

“We are addressing the problem of communications, being able to provide big data from small spacecraft.”  -Doug Stetson from FreeFall Aerospace  

When we travel through and explore space, we’re going to need to communicate, and gather a LOT of data.  Fast, reliable, low-cost access to large volumes of data is one...

Jan 9, 2020

Jason is the lead for Orion Crew Systems Integration at NASA’s Johnson Space Center. 

Human factors are always considered when designing a new spacecraft for the crew. Jason and his team consider EVERY BUTTON, SWITCH, and DIAL placement, function, and purpose. This is just a PART of Jason’s intricate role helping...

Jan 2, 2020

The tables are turned in THIS episode as Dean takes over the microphone! Dean wants to know the HOW, WHO, and WHY so he asks: 

  • How did Beth’s love for space exploration start? 
  • Who were some of the people that helped Beth in her success? 
  • Why did she start the CASUAL SPACE PODCAST? 

Dean’s approach is as much...