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Casual Space

Feb 16, 2024

We’re talking tacos on the shuttle. Pizza on the ISS. And we’re washing it down with a big glass (that’s not made of glass, but rather, a well-engineered pouch) of Tang on this episode of Casual Space with NASA food scientist Vickie Kloeris! 

What I enjoyed most about talking with Vickie was her career journey that she’s shared in her book, “Space Bites.”  What started as an “impulsive decision” her senior year of college (guest lectures on seafood microbiology!) turned into an incredible career adventure as the leader of NASA’s food systems, where Vickie worked to feed the hungry astronaut corps.  Discovering new food packaging and transportation systems was just a portion (pun intended) of Vickie’s work, she and her team had to deliver food to space that was both nutritional AND tasted good! Along the way, there would be VIP visits, all kinds of challenges & changes and wildly successful inventive applications to help keep space explorers satiated! 

THIS IS A BOOK FOR ALL AGES. If you love food, and if you love space, I recommend getting your copy of Space Bites here:

And check out these fun facts about space food from NASA: