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Casual Space

Mar 29, 2024

Are you ready for the April 8 solar eclipse? Don’t worry, Tyler Nordgren is THE perfect guide, and he’s here to walk us through what to expect on the upcoming solar eclipse, along with other celestial events- Tyler is an artist, astronomer, and night sky ambassador. So tune in, and get ready for this incredible event with our friend and returning guest expert and guide, Tyler Nordgren! 

More about Dr. Tyler Nordgren, from his website: 

“When I’m not creating and commissioning vintage space art, I’m a professional astronomer and lecturer with a Ph.D. in Astronomy. 

For over a decade, I’ve worked with the National Park Service (NPS) to turn our nation’s beautiful national parks into the single largest source for public science and astronomy education in the world. I’ve photographed our national parks at night with exquisite night sky photography, gave countless astronomical tours to the public, and advocated for us all to learn more about the astronomical wonders in the sky.

It’s my personal goal to inform and educate the public through artwork. 

Through my vintage space art, I educate and inspire the public about the wonders of the universe. My most popular space art campaign has been "See the Milky Way" for the NPS with the popular slogan, Half the Park is After Dark(TM), and it has become the unofficial motto of the NPS night sky program.

My vintage art style is inspired by the educational 1930s posters created by the WPA and CCC. I use this medium to educate people about space, conservation & light pollution—and to strike an emotional chord precisely the same way it was used way back in the day.”

See Tyler’s amazing artwork at: and get a poster or two for your walls to remember the eclipse! Be safe! 

Don’t forget your protective glasses and enjoy!