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Casual Space

Dec 12, 2019

Dr. David Warmflash returns to the podcast to discuss the timely anniversary of Apollo 12, and shares several highlights from this mission and potential future lunar missions on episode 53, including…

  • The crew, Commander Charles, “Pete” Conrad, Alan Bean, and Richard Gordan- were a great crew who helped cheer one another on throughout the mission. It was a very different tone than some of the previous Apollo missions….
  • Seeing Earth from the distance (The Overview Effect), caused several Apollo astronauts to come back changed in many ways, some becoming artists! Check out some incredible astronaut artwork here from Alan Bean that was referenced in the show:
  • The many insightful spinoffs we still benefit from the Apollo 12 mission, 50 years later! 

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About David: Dr. David Warmflash is an astrobiologist and prolific science writer. He was in the first cohort of NASA astrobiology postdoctoral trainees and served as a member of NASA's Jupiter Icy Moons Orbiter Science Definition Team. He has collaborated with The Planetary Society on three experiments that have flown in space, including "the peace experiment" that involved an Israeli and a Palestinian student working with Dr. Warmflash as co-investigators. He has published in scientific journals and popular science publications including Wired UK, Scientific American, Discover, Air and Space, Astronomy Magazine, and others. He contributed to the book George and the Blue Moon by Lucy Hawking and Stephen Hawking, and was interviewed for an article in the Kansas City Star concerning the accuracy of the science in the sci-fi TV series Orphan Black.