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Casual Space

Nov 14, 2019

Boeing! The U.S. Air Force! Space Command! Ron’s been there, done that, and shares his experiences as he works to implement them at Astroscale (a pioneering international space technology company that is working to solve a global space-environmental problem)

  • What is space situational awareness? Ron helps us all understand- there’s a LOT of space debris out there… 
  • What is ELSA-D? (It’s a very exciting project you should know about- coming soon in 2020!)
  • Beth HIGHLY recommends checking out Astrocale’s website- it’s got incredible graphics and information that really paints a clear picture of orbital debris within our Earth’s orbit:


About Ron Lopez: Ron joined Astroscale as Managing Director in April 2019 to lead the company’s business operations in the United States.

Ron brings over 25 years of government and industry experience, encompassing systems engineering, program management, sales and marketing, technology/research and development management, and strategy formulation.

Ron started his career as an Intelligence Officer in the United States Air Force, serving as the focal point for Space Situational Awareness capability development at Air Force Space Command’s Space Control Division. He then joined Boeing and worked on various programs as a Systems Engineering Manager within Boeing Research & Technology and Phantom Works and led business development activities for the Network & Space Systems division throughout the Asia Pacific region. Prior to joining Astroscale, Ron led the Defense & Space Asia Pacific sales team at Honeywell Aerospace, helping the company achieve significant sales growth and expansion into new markets.

Over half of Ron’s career has been spent working and living in Japan, and he is an active member of The Maureen and Mike Mansfield Foundation’s U.S.-Japan Space Forum.

Ron earned a Bachelor of Science from The United States Air Force Academy in 1993.

Where to find Ron and his work at Astroscale:

More featured and impressive guests like Ron from the SpaceCom Expo are coming! Check out who’s presenting what and when at