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Casual Space

Mar 23, 2024

Maureen Gibbons, MD, (known on social media as Dr. Moe), is a practicing physician, sports nutritionist and life coach who also held athletic trainer and triathlon coach credentials for many years. Her board certification is in emergency medicine, obesity medicine and lifestyle medicine. Dr. Moe founded and runs a remote lifestyle medicine practice called Active Medical Solutions. 

As an author and speaker Maureen seeks to spread the word that we are all “Happy First” which is the title of her first book and relates that to finding gratitude in daily life. Her private consulting business integrates that knowledge with assisting healthcare providers in making successful career transitions. Maureen also enjoys triathlons, is a voracious reader and loves to spend time with her husband, son and pets. 


You can find more about Dr. Moe on TikTok as AMSDoctorMoe or at:

And catch her book at