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Casual Space

Nov 21, 2019

  • Stuart helps Beth understand the work he and the team at Catapult… a unique technology and innovation company, boosting UK productivity by helping organizations harness the power of satellite -based services. 
  • Beth asks Stuart, “What is Catapult?”  (A network of physical locations designed to transform the UK’s capability for innovation in specific areas and help drive future economic growth.)
  • Stuart explains to Beth how he’s driven by how his team’s actions to help different organizations (both large and small), bring new space services to market. 
  • Stuart believes that connecting industry and academia allow new research from the ground get into the space market more quickly, and what the future generations of space industry influencers are the real “heroes.” 




About Stuart Martin: Stuart is CEO of the Satellite Applications Catapult. He joined the Catapult in January 2013 from Logica (now part of CGI) where he was Business Director for Space and Satellite Communications for nearly seven years, leading all the company’s activities in the Space domain. Stuart is a former vice-chair of UKSpace, the British trade association representing the Space industry, and council member of Eurospace – its European equivalent. He also sits on the UK Space Leadership Council, the top-level cross-industry, academia and government stakeholder group responsible for overseeing and implementing the UK Space Innovation and Growth Strategy.

Stuart is a passionate advocate of the Catapult programme, which he considers to be a vital element of the UK strategy to secure and accelerate economic growth from emerging technologies. Furthermore, for satellite applications, he believes there is a great opportunity to establish a world-leading position

Where to find Stuart and his work at Catapult:


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